What Ken Todd Taught Us About ‘RHOBH:’ Bitches Are All The Same Lying Down

'Vanderpump Rules'
It's all about sex with these kids.
Brandi Glanville
The reality star had lunch in Beverly Hills.
There are a few things one can count on during an episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills:

It appears that our little Lisa Vanderpump has no use for Armstrong’s housewarming gift, as more than one cast member has told viewers that Villa Rosa is always a knockin.’

Who knew that Todd would set the tone of the forthcoming tea party with a simple sexual innuendo: “You’re all the same size lying down, baby.”  Despite Brandi and Adrienne Maloof’s height difference, they really are the same size lying down.

Too right, Todd!  Too right. 

Armstrong’s Bravo blog title this week is “Adrienne is a liar.”  Did Maloof file a lawsuit against Glanville, or did she just use it as a threat to scare her?

Kyle Richards should have defended Vanderpump, plain and simple.  She has no problem coming to the defense of Maloof, Faye Reznick and Camille Grammer, but when it comes to Vanderpump, she just doesn’t.  Plain and simple.

A bit rude to bring along Reznick to an invite-only tea party, hmmm?

Death, taxes and Bravo – 3 things you can always count on.