‘RHOBH: Oy, Faye Resnick. Everybody Hates You.

Taylor Armstrong
The reality star in New York City.
LeAnn vs. Brandi
LeAnn and Eddie flaunt their love in front of Brandi.
Alrighty, so it appears that Faye Resnick isn’t going anywhere.  Andy Cohen, are you going to do something about this?

I found it just a bit tacky that Adrienne Maloof crashed Lisa Vanderpump’s vow renewal bash, parked it in Lisa’s white living room and sobbed to a select group of people.

After she was done with her therapy session, Maloof hoofed it out of Villa Rosa without even saying hello to its owners.


Call me insensitive, but I have no sympathy for Maloof.  She’s driven by money, and that’s about it. 

Part of me thinks that Yolanda Foster is a busy body, and the other part of me thinks that she’s a solid friend.  Perchaps Reunion Part II will help me decide which Dutch I am.

I realize that Faye was defending her friend who had just announced a painful separation, but come on.  Be reasonable, you trollop.  Stop accusing Lisa of fighting Brandi’s battles, and stop treating Brandi like a third-class citizen.  You do remember why everyone hated you back in the 90s, right?

OK, troops. I want to hear from you.  After watching two full fours of RHOBH, what are your thoughts?  Who do you love?  Who do you hate?  Tell us!