OMG! Faye Resnick Is ‘A Total Hypocrite’ On ‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’

March 19th, 2013 // 1 Comment
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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion Part I
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Thank goodness for the comic relief Ken Todd and his mate, Martin provided last night on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, for it was sorely needed.  One now knows that at-home massages only work if your husband isn’t lurking about, ready to have a bit of fun with your vulnerable little bottom.

Unfortunately, Faye Resnick got in her extra 4 minutes of fame by making Brandi Glanville feel as foolish as she did once upon a time.

Dear Bravo: We get it.  You think Faye is good for ratings.  We, the viewers think she’s terrible, and remember her from the days of O.J. Simpson, when she was a whack job with a bad cocaine habit, as well as that tacky Playboy cover.  Gross.

Celebrity stylist Daniel DiCriscio released a statement to, more or less confirming what we all know: Resnick is a terrible person.

“Faye IS a total Hypocrite,” DiCriscio wrote, adding that the interior designer “is using the Hilton’s power, i.e. Kyle, etc., to hold her standings! Faye has turned people against me as well, she loves doing that.” 

Bonus quote:

“I did her infamous Playboy cover and layout and transformed her look. Playboy told me Faye wasn’t sexy enough and scrapped the first shoot, so I came in and changer her hair, etc.”

The next loser on the chopping block goes by the name Marisa Zanuck, who is that girl in high school desperate to fit in with the popular girls.

Zanuck out and out gossiped about Brandi at Adrienne Maloof‘s (really weird, and really gaudy) party, knowing full well that the two women were at odds.  Thank heavens for Yolanda Foster, who totally called her out that night, then again at Lisa’s housewarming party.

In any other circumstance, I would cry foul on Foster’s actions, because she did stir the pot.  However, I applaud what she did because she respects Brandi too much to let it fester.  Also, because Zanuck thought she was so cool bringing up a text Brandi sent her, and it’s always fun to burst that kind of a buble.

Zanuck and Resnick are as pathetic as Dana Wilkey, and look where she is these days: Lighting cigarettes with restaurant candles and gurgling on about fake-ass women from Beverly Hills.  Hokay, sparky.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Puulease… Faye a hypocrite? Why are you attacking Faye for doing the very thing that Brandi did, which is speak the truth? I’m thinking that Brandi got served a delicious dish of karma.

    Watching this show is like watching a parade of female pigs with gold rings in their snout. The wisest moment of the whole season came from an exchange between Mauricio and Ken wherein Ken asked the the rhetorical question: Why is it these women can’t let go of grudges like the men do? Well, that’s an excellent “question,” Ken, and one that 99.9% of women on planet earth would be wise to ponder.

    Personally, who came across the most wise of all the women on the show this season was Camille. Now, there’s a woman who knows when to keep her mouth shut and stay out of the venomous drama.

    As far as the comment about Marisa being one of those girls “in high school desperate to fit in with the popular girls,” completely ridiculous. Yeah, you could call her out on being absolutely atrocious to her husband and demeaning his masculinity in a public setting (verrrry stupid thing to do to a man), but “desperate” to fit in? Nah, definitely not.

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