OMG! ‘RHOBH’ – It’s All French To Dana Wilkey

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Ah, Paris.  The bridge with the locks, models doing cartwheels along the Seine.  Who wouldn’t want Bravo to send them to the city of lights?

I love that Yolanda Foster gave Brandi Glanville a pair of snakeskin gladiator heels, even if it was a “you have no one in your life” kind of gift.  Hell, I’d take that kind of a pity gift if customs had to clear it.

Kyle Richards remains one of the most annoying people on television.  Tell us one more time how you shopped for the store and not for yourself.

I won’t get into Kim Richards and her “what does this pill do?” dilemma, for I know nothing about medication and its connection to recovery.

Oooh, let’s talk about Dana Wilkey!  Sipping cocktails, ripping butts with the help of a poorly-lit candle.  Wow. 

“Dana, Dana, Dana,” Taylor Armstrong wrote in her blog today on  “I got a call from her and she was distressed to say the least. When I showed up to meet her, she was in a bad place. She kept telling me how happy she was and how she was enjoying her new ‘free’ lifestyle but, I could see clearly there was so much pain hiding behind her words; her actions were speaking louder.”

If we could just add a dash of Dana every sixth episode or so, I think we’d hit ratings gold.  Cohen, yes?

I get that Yolanda cherishes her marriage to David Foster and aims to be the best June Cleaver she can possibly be, but relax.  If David agreed to this magazine shoot, he’s going to have to be a bit more flexible, even if that means making Barbra Streisand wait.

And remember, David Foster hates “frou frou.”  Hates, hates hates it.