The Power Of Instagram: Making The Least Interesting Thing EVER Interesting [PHOTOS]

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Some of HRH's most gorgeous moments.
What filters can do to a messily bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese. Put the “Earlybird” effect and BAM! You have a work of art.

Instagram has become the must download application on Iphones (and even Androids!). Whether you are pro #foodporn and #throwbackthursdays, you have to admit that Instagram is the thing of new ages. Launched in October 10′, it received one million users by December of that same year.

What exactly is the appeal of Instagram? Perhaps, it’s the photography fad? Whether the Instagramers are professional photographers taking advantage of the app by advertising themselves or aspiring photographers taking pictures every chance they can hoping they will be “discovered”, Instagram proves to be an outlet.

Or maybe it’s just a desire to be constantly connected with friends. Another tool to stalk your crush’s whereabouts. Maybe he’ll Instagram the party you wish you were invited to?

Whatever it is, Instagram is a great application. I have one, most of my friends have one, and most of the celebrities I love have one. So I suppose it comes down to the realization that Instagram shouldn’t be questioned but appreciated.

Thank you for making photos that are otherwise boring (like pictures of my shoes and dorm) interesting enough to receive 30 likes.

Launch the gallery and see how celebrities take advantage of the app.