The Official Photos From Prince George’s Christening Have Been Released & We Have A Lot Of Questions

Oh you guys, I love weeks when the royal family is all over the place. It’s just so much fun.

First they’re all gathering together to christen His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, now we’ve finally gotten the official photos from yesterday’s event. How amazing is this photo? Everything about it is so staged and wonderful. If I wasn’t so obsessed with the way that Duchess Catherine looked in her official wedding photos, this would have beaten that.

Still, even with all the awesome, I have a lot of questions. 

1. Why is Queen Elizabeth sitting so far away from Kate? And why is her handbag on the floor?

2. Why does Kate look photoshopped in this picture? It’s not as bad as the photo with the three of them, but still.

3. Did Prince Philip and Prince Charles pre-plan to make the same face?

4. Was the Duchess upset that Prince George’s gown covered up her kick-ass legs?

And finally, 5. Where did Prince George learn to pose like that?

Let me know if you have any of the answers to these questions, or any questions of your own. Check out all the photos here. God I love the royals.

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