The Octomom Wants You To Pay For Her New House

July 30th, 2012 // Leave a Comment
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Octomom wants you to buy her a new house. [The Superficial]

– Who knew that Elizabeth Banks was a mommy blogger? [Lainey Gossip]

Vanessa Hudgens proves herself to be a good citizen. [Popoholic]

– The Olympics seems to be all about the creative nail art. [College Candy]

Boys makes the cast of Girls seem pretty well adjusted. [The Frisky]

Blake Shelton brags about killing a turtle. [Towleroad]

Jason Biggs as Matthew McConaughey, the stripper. [OMG Blog]

– You’ll never guess how much Beyonce and Jay-Z are paying for a one month rental in the Hamptons. [Celebitchy]

Elizabeth Berkley welcomes a baby boy. [Just Jared]

Elisabetta Canalis is back with Steve-O. [Celebslam]

Milanoo men’s fashions reviewed. [OhLaLaMag]

Mary-Kate Olsen without makeup. [CityRag]

By Michael Prieve

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