The Obamas Welcome Home A New Puppy Named Sunny

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Well hello there little girl!

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have made a new addition to the White House — a Portuguese water dog named Sunny, who will join a long list of presidential pets who have attained a sort of celebrity status.

Sunny, born in Michigan in June 2012, arrived at the White House on Monday, and the first family picked out the name because they believed it fit her cheerful personality, according to a White House blog. The Obamas have a history of allergies in the family, and they zeroed in on a Portuguese water dog because they don’t shed. 

Sunny becomes a “little sister” for Bo — also a Portuguese water dog — gifted by President Obama to his daughters for excusing his absence while he spent time away from home campaigning in the 2008 presidential race.

Welcome to the family!

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