The Obamas, Beckhams And Pitts: 10 Couples We Want To Be Adopted By! [PHOTOS]

Cutest Couples
Which couples join Daniel and Rachael as the cutest?
Surprising Couples!
Do you think these shockers are really stunners?
It’s rare enough that Hollywood couples stay together for a good amount of time. (I’d say 2 years or more.) So, when we do see couples that have stayed on the scene and have really found true love, it’s quite refreshing.

Don’t ya think?

No matter if some have just newly tied the knot like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, or have been celebrating years of marriage like Michelle and Barack Obama, there’s no doubt when it comes to spotting a truly cool couple.

Sometimes, the length of marriage doesn’t even matter, I guess. I’d join the Beckham clan just for the impeccable fashion. Can you say cutest couple award?

What would you do if you could be adopted by a celebrity couple for a day? I’d call dibs on the Obamas in a heartbeat! No couple could beat their White House swag any day.

Which family would you want to be part of? Give a shout out to your favorite celebrity couple in the comments section below. Ready, set, go!