WATCH: The NFL Gets More Animated With ‘A Bad Lip Reading’

Football may not be my favorite sport, but this is my favorite football video.

Who knew the sport which requires heavy contact between players could be so comedic?

Often times, people love Tom Brady because he’s very handsome. Some might say he’s the best quarterback currently in the NFL. We know he definitely has the cutest family. You’ll have to hear what he says in this video, it’s absolutely hilarious! Who knew he sounded like that too?

His voice is more high-pitched than I remember.

Not only is Brady a little more animated. Peyton Manning seems to be letting off some steam while being interviewed. Of course, this is A Bad Lip Reading, so he hasn’t said any of this…yet.

What are some things that gross him out?

Voldemort, denim golf jeans, and have somebody yucky like you are just a few of the things that he seems to dislike.

Check out the absolutely hilarious, terrible lip reading above! This is a great way to tide yourself over until the Superbowl! Which of your favorite football players were featured?

Let us know your favorite lines in the comments below!

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