The New Kennedy’s: Lana Del Rey And A$AP Rocky [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

New Couple Alert
Penn and Zoe Kravtiz spend some time together.
“It’s a love story for the new age”. That it is Lana Del Rey, that it is. In her new music video for “National Anthem”, she is said to play Jackie O and her JFK will be…yes, A$AP Rocky.

The rapper said in an interview with that it is “some cool triply shit, some real 2015 shit. People are going to get it in three years, and that’s the whole purpose of it.” Sorry tattoo boy, but LDR has a new leading man. A$AP Rocky has always wanted to work with the salutary singer, he confessed in an interview with MTV News.

The modern day Kennedy’s have also collaborated in the studio. The song is “Ridin” and it will be featured in his new upcoming full-length album. A studio preview was released in April, so check it out below.

Lana Del Rey’s seductive voice and A$AP Rocky’s hard feel means yet another great collaboration to add to my iTunes.