The Natalie Portman Clan Gets Mobbed By Paparazzi At LAX [PHOTOS]

Natalie Portman's Bands
Did the Oscar winner marry her fiance already?
Ahh, the drawbacks to celebrity. Even when you get off a plane after a long flight you best be prepared for the oncoming storm of paparazzi. That’s what Natalie Portman and possible husband Benjamin Millipied had to deal with as they landed at LAX with their adorable son, Aleph.

Natalie was keeping it casual with jeans, a black shirt and sunglasses. Her best accessory? Obviously her super cute dog, Whiz. Sure it’s nothing compared to the cuteness that Benjamin is holding in the form of Aleph, but it’s pretty darn close. Wait, didn’t these three just go to NYC? Back so soon?

The trio faced some serious paparazzi cameras as soon as they arrived. At some point Benjamin even raised his hands as if to give a resounding, “Non!” and walk away. What must life be like. Check out the photos in the gallery while we ponder the age old question: would you still want to be famous even if you were photographed at every moment? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!