The Most Disturbing Version Of ‘Guess Who’ [VIDEO]

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How many of us have tried to surprise someone by covering their eyes and saying ‘guess who’? Everyone has probably done it one time or another. Would you ever do it to a stranger? Better yet, what would your reaction be if a stranger did it to you?

Imagine disgusting, moist, warm palms covering your eyes. It wouldn’t be as bad if it was someone you knew, but a stranger doing it is just plain creepy.

All I can think about is this being the making of some terrifying indie horror flick. Maybe it could be titled When Palms Attack

Maybe Ellen DeGeneres will have a segment similar to this. We all know she loves her pranks.

This experiment is taken to a whole different level because the victims are asked if they recognize the stranger. His name is Andrew, which is obviously a pretty common name so you’d assume you met him one time or another.

Only one of these people has actually seen him before and that’s because he tunes into his Youtube videos.

Check out the video above to see all the reactions! Pranks are becoming increasingly popular. Performing them on college campuses seems to be the most common occurrence. College students, beware of prankers.

Not satisfied with just that prank? Check out this one of sniffing people on campus!

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