The Monkees’ Davy Jones Dead At 66

Well, celebrity deaths do come in groups, don’t they? TMZ has told us, and reps have confirmed, that Davy Jones, singer and tambourine man for the 1960s band The Monkees, has passed away today in Florida following a heart attack. He was 66-years-old. 

Davy was perhaps best known as the lead singer of the made for TV band,which launched in 1965 with Peter Tork, Michael Nesmith, Mickey Dolenz and Davy. And of course, Davy was on that fabulous Brady Bunch episode when Marcia is the president of his fan club and gets him to perform at and go to prom with her! Let me just say, it was that episode that cemented Davy as my favorite of The Monkees. 

Davy is survived by his third wife, Jessica Pacheco, and four daughters from previous marriages. Davy hadn’t shown an signs of illness and was still performing up until February 19th. Now, let’s all take a moment of silence and then go listen to our Monkees Greatest Hits album. Launch the gallery for a glimpse into the life of Davy Jones.