The Many Faces Of Chris Evans Are Definitely Going To Make You Giggle

Whenever I think of Chris Evans these days I think of skin-tight costumes and serious faces.

Basically, in my head he’s Captain America all the time. So whenever I see him out of that role it’s very amusing. Which is weird, because he played in plenty of silly stuff prior to Captain America.

Anyhoo, the actor was particularly funny last night as he left the London hot spot Chiltern Firehouse with some friends. Apparently a paparazzo tricked Chris into thinking he’d dropped something. Luckily Chris enjoyed the joke.

It was all very sweet and complete with fake angry fists. Kind of like this. I wonder why none of the other Avengers joined him for a night out. We know they’re filming the second movie in London right now and are doing all sorts of things together. I want them to hang out! And take their shirts off. Because hello Chris Evans, hello Chris Hemsworth, and hello non-Avenger Chris Pratt. It’s the army of buff Chrises.

And if you stare at Evans long enough it almost feels like you can see his rippling biceps through the plaid. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from last night. It was all rather amusing.