The Man, The Legend, Brad Pitt; Check Out This #ThrowBackThursday!

Shirtless Brad Pitt Pics
35 of the hottest shirtless Brad Pitt pics!
Pitt gets a fan's unexpected kiss
Not much needs to be said other than, Brad Pitt.

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Obviously the man is a god. Talk about aging well, Brad hit the big screen decades ago and to be honest not much has changed since! Even though I hate to admit the statement that men don’t age because I really find it not fair, but lucky for us Mr. Pitt falls right into that stereotype! Not only has he not aged, but through the years Brad’s gotten more attractive if that’s even physically possible!

Movie after movie Brad never ceases to amaze me. Any role he’s handed he’s able to fit to character and transform. Brad has remarkable talent and that’s why he is still as prominent in the entertainment world as he was when he first embarked.

Brad is now hubby to Angelina Jolie-Pitt and the two have an enormous family that we are all very familiar with. Being a dad, husband, and actor are just a few of the many roles Brad plays. So Brad, as adoring fans all we ask of  you is that you keep up whatever health regimens you are currently partaking in and stay sexy!