The Look Of Love: William And Kate’s Stolen Canadian Glances [PHOTOS]

Kate wowed the crap out of us during her Canadian tour with husband Prince William this past week.  When the Duchess embarked on her flight at Heathrow Airport, she looked a bit nervous about her impending trip.  Yet as the days wore on and the encouragement from her Canadian subjects grew, Catherine grew more and more sure of herself.  Sister had a smile from ear-to-ear in every photograph taken of her.

Though she was able to hold her own, William was always close to by to make sure Mrs. Windsor was doing alright.  We don’t mean to pry, but there were way too many touching photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to not show you.

PHOTO: The Day Kate Said “I Do”

We want to congratulate Kate on her first tour as a royal and can’t wait to see more of her in the future.  And nicely done on the wardrobe front, HRH.

We had such a blast putting this gallery together, and are dying to know which photos are your favorite of the couple.  We can’t pick just one, but the image of William tying Kate’s red sweatshirt was pretty friggin’ cute.   Diana would be so proud of how kind and genuine her son grew up to be, and it’s really moving to see how happy he and Kate are together.  Give us a moment, we’re getting a bit weepy.