‘The Lion King 3D’ Still Rules After All These Years

Holler to pride rock!  The Lion King 3D brought in $22.1 million this past weekend, making it #1 at the box office for the second week in a row, according to CNN.  The 1994 Disney flick beat out Brad Pitt’s Moneyball, which made $20.6 million, earning the special 3D release $61.7 million.  And get this-Disney plans to extend the original plan of a two-week run. Best. News. Ever!

We chatted with one 26-year-old who says that the re-release was “the best $13 I’ve ever spent.”  And even though she didn’t cry as much this time around, she was just as moved now as she was the first time Simba was lifted up towards the African sky.  After seeing the flick Friday night, she told us that “Scar is hot.  I didn’t realize as a youngin’ how sexy his voice was.  And those eyes!”  Then talk turned to straight-up character analysis.  “Simba is such a chick magnet…he can help Pumba and Timon score big time.  Zazu is an f’ing pain in the ass. he’s like that lead girl from Glee.”  Insightful AND spot-on.

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We also checked out tweets from Disney fans on Twitter to see what they had to say.

@jaredchapman “I went and saw The Lion King over the weekend. Bad news: Mufasa still dies.”

@DistrictOfTeens “Dear new generation, The Lion King was during our generation, Just because it coming out in 3D doesn’t make it yours. Sincerely the 90s kids.”

@EricKahnGale “Lion King 3D: I’ve got salt water burns on my face where the glasses trapped my tears–this movie is amazing.”

@CrikeyDave “Saw The Lion King 3D; just as awesome as I remembered…except it brought up an odd thought: who’s Nala’s dad?”

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