The Lighter Side Of Hollywood: Funny Celebrity Moments

Even though the year is filled with momentous occasions like weddings, births and awards; and even though the year is filled with somber events like divorces, deaths, and horrible movies and music, there has got to be some kind of middle ground. Everything can’t just be really good or really bad, ya know?

I think celebrities feel the need for that lightness, too. Because, every now and then, at an always-serious movie premiere or press conference, one of the stars will purposely (or not purposely. Either one works.) make a fool of themselves for the sake of everyone elses humor and entertainment.

Whether it be a known comedian, like Jason Biggs or Joan Rivers, or a star who just always happens to fall into some funny circumstances, like Robert Pattinson, funny moments in Hollywood arise sometimes, much to our delight. And for that, we thank the stars who provide the moments. Whether they planned for it or not.

Launch the gallery to see some of Hollywood’s lighter moment. Maybe you’ll laugh. Maybe you’ll be embarrassed. Maybe you’ll laugh AT the embarrassment. Either way, enjoy!