The Ladies Of ‘The Catalina’ Topless In Miami [PHOTOS]

2011 Bikini Bodies
The best celebrity bikini bodies of 2011!
Um, I guess that’s a good way to promote a mindless reality show.

Victoria Serra, Karina d’Erizans and Morgan More of The Catalina went topless while enjoying a day at the beach in Miami yesterday (May 31, 2012).

On the show, which thankfully only lasts for 6 episodes, they spend their days trying to make debauchery at The Catalina more memorable than that in Vegas and their nights partying harder than any of the hotel guests.

Here is a sample of the riveting dialogue:

“Vicky and I hung out.”
“Like, made out?”
“I mean, we kissed.”
“Like kissed, or like, made out?”
“Like kissed. Well, her foot may have grazed my…”

It makes you miss The Jersey Shore.