The Ladies Of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Visit ‘Good Morning America’ & Reveal Spoilers Uniquely

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Check out the style of the PLL ladies.
How many Pretty Little Liars fans are emotionally prepared for the highly-anticipated season finale? Better yet, is there any way to really become prepared for such an event?

This morning the stars made an appearance on Good Morning America. If you watch ABC Family, I’m sure you saw Sasha Pieterse encouraging everyone to tune in.

Of course, the lovely ladies alluded to an event in the upcoming episode.

Ashley Benson explained an intriguing season occurrence which is one many fans probably picked up on. “Every season finale someone either dies or goes missing.”  That raises a question: who will die or go missing?

Many questions will be answered, as shared by Lucy Hale. However, it’s not so simple. She said, “in the nature of our show, that only raises more new questions.”

Over the weekend, E! also caught up the cast of the show and played the game “Two Truths and a Lie”. Let’s see if those of you who are familiar with the show can differentiate between honesty and factual information.

Most interesting, in my opinion, were the truths and lies shared by Pieterse. “You find out the dark parts about Ian (Ryan Merriman)—I’m talking about Melissa (Torey DeVitto) and Ian. You find out who A is. There’s a gun involved.” Which sound most plausible to you?

For those of you intrigued by the relationship between Ali and Ezra, you might be finding out more. Ian Harding’s two truths and a lie are, “turns out Ezra is blond, just like Alison. Jaws will be on the floor for a good five minutes post the last fifteen minutes of the show. We get to see a little bit more of the connection between Alison and Ezra.”

Sounds interesting, right? Don’t miss the Pretty Little Liars season finale tonight at 8pm on ABC Family!