The Ladies Love Niall Horan! The One Direction Cutie Gets Mobbed At Heathrow, Enjoys Singing Solo [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

One Direction & Twitter
The boys know which cute pics to Tweet!
This has truly just been Niall Horan’s week!

The One Direction blondie was spotted arriving at London’s Heathrow airport today, where he was promptly mobbed by a giant group of loving fans. Looks like the ladies don’t just save the giant crowds for when the band is all together.

That’s gotta make Niall feel pretty good, right? But here’s the thing! The mob of fans was only the topper on a really fabulous week! Not only did Niall get to be the best man at this brother’s wedding, but he also revealed that he’s going to be an uncle! And that’s not all! Niall showed off his solo chops this past week, too. Check out the video after the jump.

Seems that Niall got a little tipsy following his brother’s nuptials and treated the pub crowd to a solo, and slightly slurred, performance of the band’s hit “Little Things”. It’s really quite beautiful. It’s nice getting to hear Niall sing a lot, isn’t it?

Check out all the photos of Niall getting mobbed in the gallery. And don’t forget to watch the video below! Are you loving the slurred performance? I might be obsessed.