The Kardashian Krew Goes Colorful For Easter Sunday [PHOTOS]

Kim Visits Kanye
Kim Kardashian wore this to Kanye West's concert.
Kardashian Legal Drama
The sisters sued over endorsement of Quick Trim.
Oh my word, so many Kardashians in one place! Kim, Kourtney and the rest of the fam dressed in their most colorful wardrobe–or in Kourtney’s case, pop of colorful wardrobe–and spent their Sunday morning attending Easter service. I wonder if the Kardashians ever go to confession.

Clearly the star of the bunch was Mason Disick with pink pants, light pink shirt and even a little pink blazer. This kid is more pink that Pink’s kid. Aunt Kim, on the other hand, decided to go yellow. She’s still playing coy about her alleged romance with Kanye West, but I’m guessing we’ll hear wedding bells soon. Her biological clock is ticking, you know. 

Also, who is that random old lady in the back? Kris’ mom? Is that the lady who helped to spawn an empire? Launch the gallery to check out all the photos. You know, for as much as the Kardashians irritate me, they generally really know how to dress. Life is just not fair.