The Jonas Brothers Still Know How To Rock Los Angeles In Concert [PHOTOS]

Nick And Joe Jonas Party
Two-thirds of the Jonas Brothers have fun in London!
It’s been 2 years since The Jonas Brothers have performed together. Remember them? Pre-One Direction, Pre-Wanted, Jonas Brothers. 2 years doesn’t seem like much, but in that time the 3 brothers have completely grown up and branched out in 3 different directions, each one focusing on other ventures in music, film and television. Now, of course, it’s not like Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas fell off the face of the earth. They’ve still been out and about. But technically it’s been 2 years since the brothers have joined together as the pop dreams they used to be. So, at this precarious stage in their careers when they still want to retain their old fan base as they try to ascend into adult stardom, the Brothers had to be careful when they decided on re-debuting themselves this year. As always, the boys stepped back into the metaphorical and literal stage spotlights in the classiest way possible. Instead of shouting to the world that they demand their old attention, the brothers instead seemed to gracefully ask their fans, and the music industry if it was okay if they started…monopolizing the hearts of millions like they used to. Starting in October, the Brothers have scheduled only a few shows (to test the waters with their fans of the past and present, I assume) in modest but still prestigious venues like Radio City Music Hall in NYC and the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles, among a few overseas shows.

Their 3 night Los Angeles stint closed last night, to a +2000 crowd of screaming fans. This may sound pretty grandiose, but keep in mind that in 2009, they were selling out the 15,000 seat Staples Center. The smaller venue didn’t seem pathetic though. It just seemed more intimate, even being titled as “An Evening With The Jonas Brothers” rather than a more flashy title. That is a good way to start. Modesty is just so hard to find, nowadays.

With the stage and special effects reduced, the show focused on the music. With a set of over 20 songs, the boys and their backing band of 8 must have been past the point of exhaustion for the sake of the fans. The show opened with the boys’ 2007 hit, S.O.S., and with every person in the audience still knowing every word, it was clear from the beginning that the Jonas Brothers are just as poignant than they ever were. Among songs from their previous 4 albums, Nick and Joe’s solo alums and unreleased songs from their forthcoming album, the band featured acoustic covers of songs from the likes of Frank Ocean, Coldplay, and even Rihanna.

These days, boy bands are a dime a dozen, so it’s getting harder to differentiate. With minimal, if any, digital tracks and an abundance of instrumental accompaniment, the Jonas Brothers emphasized the “Band” in “Boy Band.”

After a 2 song encore of 2 of their most iconic hit songs, the Brothers took their final bow, thanking their fans for their support through the years and calling them “The Best Fans” in the world. The curtains closed and the lights came back on, leaving the theater in an elated frenzy. The concert was an overwhelming success.

It’s still unknown as of yet, when the Jonas Brothers will continue to release new music and tour again, but if their Los Angeles shows are any indication, it will be like the boys have never left.