‘The Joe Schmo Show’ Premiere Recap


Ladies and gentlemen, this is The Full Bounty – where tough men and women compete to become America’s next great bounty hunter.

Meet contestant Chase Rogan, the show’s only participant doesn’t know that the whole thing is fake and that he’s the focal point of The Joe Schmo Show, TV’s greatest reality experiment.

After an exhaustive search, producers chose Chase, a Pittsburgh greenskeeper because of his high moral fiber and desire to, well, become a cool bounty hunter.

With the producers and cast of actors (who portray Joe’s competition) prepped and ready, the show is set to begin.

First off, Chase meets his fellow “competitors”, including Randy (“The Asshole”), Chico (the Ex Gang Member who found religion), Karlee and Stan (the Deaf Girl and her Interpreter), Lavernius (the Black Guy), Allison (the overachieving Asian girl), Allen (the buddy), Skylar (the Airhead) and of course Lorenzo Lamas (as himself).

Jake Montrose arrives and announces himself as owner and operator of Montrose Bail Bonds and Fugitive Recovery Services and the host of The Full Bounty.

Competitors must first dig through thousands of keys to find the key to their room – all while being snapped at by a vicious dog on a chain.   Every 30 seconds, the dog’s chain gets longer and longer.  Tension run high.

Mind games start out fast – with Chase unable to locate his key.  But he soon learns that’s because he’s been “randomly” selected to live in The Top Dog Suite, where producers can keep an eye on him around the clock.

At lunch, Chase almost blows the whole thing wide open when he says that fellow contestant Randy looks familiar to him.  The Producers get nervous because Randy is an actor who has appeared in popular films such as Super Troopers. A quick change of the subject keeps the gag alive….for now.

The group then shares the single “comfort item” they were allowed to bring into the house. Weirdness is on full display in the form of everything from a deaf girl’s ventriloquist’s dummy to a Lamas-born line of Speedos, but Chase keeps it real – showing off a cufflink from his late grandfather.  It just shows how genuine this guy really is.

Now it’s on to Jake’s personal Lakota shaman, who assigns everyone a spirit animal – Lamas gets a cool fox, while Chase is stuck with a llama. It’s another strange and wonderful Joe Schmo moment.

The first major competition is the Shocktagon – where contestants zap each other with stun guns.  Chase wins – and even shows off a little of his ruthless side, brining Day One to a close.

The next day begins with a focus on The Casual Pouch – the tiny men’s underwear that Lorenzo is pitching for his own personal gain.  After most of the guys agree to wear one on camera, Chase balks, but final bends in order to gain Lamas’ confidence – a devious ploy because his alliance plans to vote the actor off that night.

The Full Bounty Immunity Challenge has one contestant strapping a bomb filled with ink to his or her chest while the other communicates directions on how to diffuse it.  It goes boom and makes quite an embarrassing mess for the losers.

Chase is teamed with Karlee the Deaf Girl – which goes about as well as one would imagine.  Verbal commands (even with the assistance of her interpreter) are NOT her strong suit.  Lavernius and Skylar win immunity- another helpful ploy by the producers as they are part of Chase’s alliance.

More hilarity ensues in the next challenge where teams must get sensitive information out of a confidential informant by any means necessary.

Chase leads his team into the interrogation.  Chase plays the bad cop with loving detail and energy but still manages to lose (despite a lesbian kiss between his teammates designed to loosen up the informant).

Another scare arrives at dinnertime when a champagne bottle causes the allegedly deaf Karlee to jump. Joe is oblivious to the slip up, but one wonders just how long he’ll keep missing these things.

The insane Hunter to Hunted Eviction Ceremony ends the show. It’s got everything a TV fan could want – spirit animals, elimination votes, a 40 foot gold Lady Justice and cigarette lighters shaped like handguns!

After they all cast their votes – and speak to Lady Justice,  “I am of clear mind and heart. May I enter you?” – Lorenzo Lamas is kicked off the show – edging out Chase by a single vote.

Before being led off in handcuffs, he reminisces that, “This is just like Season Three of Falcon Crest.”  And after it all, Chase is still 100% buying into everything.

Will Chase find out the real deal behind The Real Bounty?  We’ll just have to watch and see – but one thing’s for sure: this has the potential to be the most entertaining reality ride ever.

Watch The Joe Schmo Show, Tuesday nights only on Spike.