The JoBros, Christina Aguilera And Janet Jackson! Celebs We Love On The Cover Of Rolling Stone [PHOTOS]

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We love celebrity anything, whether it’s the newest album of Taylor Swift, a sighting of where Kim Kardashian and Kanye West last ate, or John Mayer‘s new girlfriend. Bring it on!

So of course we love when celebrities clean up and look their best on the covers of magazines just like on Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone is renown for its great and seductive, yet controversial magazine covers. Remember Janet Jackson‘s topless (besides a pair of hands) magazine cover? Yeah, pretty controversial.

Topless, bottomless, or hairless, celebs are always looking good on Rolling Stone. Don’t ya think?

The magazine ranges from anything music, popular culture, politics and everything in between. Lucky for us, that means seeing just about any great star on the cover. Sweet!

Check out the gallery for some great lookin’ celebs on some great Rolling Stone magazine covers. Let us know if you spotted any of your fave celebs!

By Tanya Oei

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