The Ice Bucket Challenge Goes UK With Robert Pattinson, Jamie Dornan & Eddie Redmayne

August 20th, 2014 // 3 Comments
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So much wetness
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Oh well hello men with accents. Thank you so much for joining the rest of the world for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

I thought that I was over all of these challenge videos, but that’s until I saw that I’d Robert Pattinson, Jamie Dornan and Eddie Redmayne had all taken part. Sure none of them took their shirts off like I’ve requested, but the accents more than make up for it.

You have to watch Rob’s video above. 

At least he wears a white t-shirt. And gets sprayed with a hose. Thank you, Zac Efron for nominating him and for sharing the video since Rob is nowhere on social media.

Directly below we’ve got some Eddie Redmayne for you throwing water himself and nominating Jamie Dornan, who then quickly runs into frame and gets doused. Enjoy.

And just because I love you guys and I feel like you’ll appreciate it, I’ve even included some Douglas Booth doing it, too. See, at least Douglas wore a white shirt. Men! It’s either shirtless or white shirt. Now let’s please stop these challenges because I am ice bucketed out. Unless Orlando Bloom wants to go shirtless and have me pour water on him. I would be more than okay with that.

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Annie

    Eddie Redmayne and Jamie Dornan are pure win. I don’t know how, but over the years Robert Pattinson has turned into a giant sleazebag. Something super douchey about him I just can’t get over. Maybe it’s all the partying and stripper clubs. Creeps me out now.

  2. Emi

    Over the years, Robert Pattinson has proved what a kind, generous, humble man he is. And such a good sport. Jamie Dornan sold out to do 50 Shades of Porn and Eddie Redmayne has never hit it big, even after Les Miz. Still has no name recognition. But they all did a good job for charity, so kudos to them.

  3. KKKatie

    Too bad KStew’s bitter fans haunt the comments section of any article about Robert Pattinson. He is class all the way, never trashing her after she got caught cheating in public with the married Rupert Sanders.

    She’s going down in history as a sleazy liar who proved she can’t be trusted. She told the world that’s who she is, and everyone knows it. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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