‘The Hunger Games’ Star Josh Hutcherson Enjoys Some Drag Queen Bingo, Sports A Pink Helmet [PHOTOS]

Josh Hutcherson
The star paddleboarded in Hawaii.
Josh Hutcherson knows how you have a good time playing bingo.

The Hunger Games star paired up with Straight But Not Narrow to host a SBNN fundraiser at the famed Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood. Hamburger Mary’s is most famous for their Drag Queen Bingo, so it only makes sense that Josh would help out on stage.

Sadly, Josh didn’t opt for dressing in drag–although that would have been awesome. SBNN Tweeted the above photo with the caption, “@jhutch1992 helping out with SBNN’s fundraiser at Hamburger Mary’s in WeHo. Total chaos!!” I mean, he is the guy from The Hunger Games. Was it fun chaos at least?

Obviously. Josh and drag queens playing bingo? It’s like a person’s dream come true! Too bad Josh didn’t wear his super snazzy pink helmet to the fundraiser. I guess he only saves that for riding around on his motorcycle. Speaking of motorcycle, did we ever figure out who this girl is?

I’m surprised Josh had time to fundraise for SBNN given that he just started work on the latest movie in The Hunger Games trilogy. I guess he’s gotta have fun some how. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Josh and his pink helmet. Any of you guys make it out to Hamburger Mary’s? Was it awesome! Let us know in the comments!