The Hottest Movie Presidents [PHOTOS]

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President 2016
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From the confident cool of Barack Obama, way back to the classic model looks of James Garfield, America has always been blessed with some good looking Commanders in Chief.

And when Hollywood needs to cast a POTUS, they tend to turn to the best looking leads in the business.  In the gallery above we spotlight some of a hottest guys who played the most powerful person in the world.

In the new action blockbuster Olympus Has FallenAaron Eckhart stars as President Benjamin Asher who has been taken hostage in a White House under siege. 

This anticipated new movie features an amazing ensemble cast, including Gerard ButlerEckhartAngela Bassett and Morgan Freeman - bringing the heat to a story that’s riveting not just because of the stars involved, but it brings to life a real-world scenario that’s not hard to imagine in today’s world.

Olympus Has Fallen opens in theaters everywhere March 22.

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