The Hottest Messes From Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew Pinsky

Lindsay Lohan Sick of Dr. Drew
Lindsay Dodges The Rehab Bullet
Questioning Dr. Drew's Credentials
Is Dr. Drew Really A Legitimate Doctor?
On September 16th, the sixth season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew premiered on VH1. However, this time you can subtract the “celebrity” part.  This time around Dr. Drew ventures into more of the real of reality television with just having non-famous folk struggling with addiction star in his show. Easily understandable, since Dr. Drew likes to shy away from the supposed glitz and glamour that surrounds drug addiction within the realm of celebrity. The purpose being that this epidemic doesn’t just surround young starlets with a taste for excess, but the average day young adult as well. We have mixed feelings about this, good for being politically corrected but not so much for entertainment value. After all, there is always A&E’s Intervention which is unparalleled in comparison.

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1. Gary Busey (Season Three): Film & Stage Actor

2. Heidi Fleiss (Season Three): Notorious American Madam

3. Tom Sizemore (Season Three): American Film and Television Actor and Producer

4. Steven Adler (Season Two): Former Drummer for Rock band Guns N’ Roses

5. Janice Dickinson (Season Four): Fashion Model, Photographer, Author and Agent

6. Amy Fisher (Season Five): “Long Island Lolita,” Comitted Crime Against Joey Buttafuoco’s Wife, Mary Jo