‘The Hills’ To Become A Movie? Hells To The No.

Please, no.  Please, please no.  30 minutes with commercials is far too much for us to handle, let alone a full-length feature film.

When The Hills ended after four years and six seasons last July, creator Adam DiVello wanted to turn the MTV series into a movie.  The cast wasn’t down with the idea, since they more or less loathed one another, according to People.

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“We were kind of all just so fed up with each other that we all needed a little break,” Audrina Patridge told Ryan Seacrest on his morning show.  But now they’ve all come to terms with the fact that they’re not talented enough to do anything else.  “We’ve all had our break. Maybe we’ll all come back together and do a movie,” Patridge added.

We know two people who would foam at the mouth to join this “cast.”