‘The Glee Project’ Winners & Their Hopes For ‘Glee’ Characters

Imagine getting the opportunity to be on your favorite television show and doing something you love? Well, for the winners of Oxygen’s reality show The Glee Project that is just what they get–the chance to be on Glee and maybe even hit the big time.

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E! News got to have a few words with the four winners of the show Samuel, Damien, Alex and Lindsay. It was a bit of a shock that four people won instead of one, but still exciting. Winners Samuel and Damien are convinced they would be perfect for a love triangle with Dianna Agron. “It just makes sense that I would end up with Quinn,” said Samuel. “She’s the church girl, she is portrayed like that a lot and she’s into the rough kind of dudes. And being that I’d be both, it just makes sense to me.” Damien won’t give up easily though, “But I want her too! I love her. I mean look at her. She’s gorgeous!” Wonder how they feel about Dianna and her new hair.

Alex and Lindsay have ideas for their characters too. Alex think he and Amber Riley would be perfect as brother and sister. “I took a picture with her and we are so similar. I showed my mom the picture and she’s like, ‘You look like you are brother and sister.’ I don’t see it but everybody says, ‘you look like you are brother and sister.’ So maybe.” Lindsay was thinking some more along the lines of Rachel’s rival who may be a drug addict? “Some fans were like, “Send her to a meth house instead of a crack house.” So maybe I’ll be going to a meth house. Which is hilarious because I’m from Modesto which is the capital of meth and car theft. It totally makes sense as to why I’m insane, right?”

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Did you guys watch The Glee Project? Happy with the winners? Excited to see them on Glee? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!