The Final Count Down To The X-Factor Finale Tonight: Who’s Going To Win? [PHOTOS]

December 20th, 2012 // 1 Comment

The holidays (and the end of the world, possibly) are approaching, so all our favorite tv shows are going on a hiatus until at least January. It’s a sad time for scripted shows, but a happy time for competition shows, because that means we get to finally know who the winner will be! With The Voice just ending, and American Idol just about ready to start it’s new season, the only loose end left is Fox’s The X-Factor, who’s finale is on tonight at 8 PM.

With the top 3 contestant’s final performances airing last night, all that remains is the final voting and the winner announced. Also happening in tonight’s finale is a performance by One Direction, so whoever the winner is, will be seen by millions upon millions of people, by association alone.

You’d think that the final performance would sort of give the judges and the viewers an inkling at who the big winner will be, but last nights episode, if anything, only proved how close the race really is. The episode consisted of each of the acts performing 3 songs, one of which being a celebrity duet.

The fan favorite, 13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar, who performed a song with Leann Rimes, got shining reviews from all of the judges like she usually did, being called a “ridiculously talented angel” by the always eloquent Demi Lovato. Even Simon Cowellbestowed some heavy compliments her way, saying “It’s shocking how bright your star is…” Sounds like a no-brainer then, right?

Well, don’t shine the crown too soon, Carly, because Tate Stevens, the country-singing prodigy of L.A. Reid is coming in for the kill as well. His performances also sparked rave reviews from the judges, having Lovato say how “obsessed” she is with him, and Cowell imagining “We’re going to be hearing about your record sales…In a years time.” So, now there are 2 acts that could each quite possibly take the prize.

But, wait! The girl group formed my Cowell, Fifth Harmony, is also stepping up to claim the final prize, and the judges are  noticing. Britney Spears, despite being the montor of Sonenclar, pointed out how much the girls have “blossomed as a group,” while Cowell, as expected, flat-out said that the girls “deserve to win.”

Do you agree with Simon? Or do you think Tate Stevens or Carly Rose Sonenclar have it in the bag? Discuss in the comments!

And check out the gallery to see highlights from last night’s event!

By Marcelle Luna


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