‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Ansel Elgort Tap Dances On ‘The Tonight Show’, Is Your New Celebrity Crush

'The Fault in Our Stars'
Ed Sheeran's music video for the movie will make you cry
Have you heard of Ansel Elgort? You must have.

If you haven’t heard his name, chances are you’ve definitely seen his face on the posters for The Fault in Our Stars. You know, the movie also starring Shailene Woodley that is 150% going to make you cry?

Ansel is set to make quite the splash in Hollywood following Friday’s release of the movie, which is why we’re dubbing him our crush of the week. It helps that he is totally gorgeous and knows how to tap dance! 

While promoting the movie last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Ansel showed off his tap dancing moves. It’s ridiculously adorable, and he’s really good at it. Someone get this kid on stage. As long as he can sing a little bit, hit acting chops, his dancing and his good looks should do the job.

So we are totally in love with him, right? That’s what I thought. Make sure to check out his tap dancing below, then launch the gallery to stare at Ansel some more at the NYC premiere of The Fault in Our Stars. Sure he’s only 20, but I can still ogle, right?