The Evolution Of Beyonce’s Hair!

Beyonce On Stage
The singer presented her Roseland Ballroom show.
All of the way from Destiny’s Child to going solo… Beyonce has had great style and great hairdos. Looking back now though it makes me realize how quickly time has gone by and how much things change.

In particular our girl “B’s,” hair!

Having Destiny’s Child and Beyonce kill it at the Super Bowl half time show this year it’s easy to pinpoint the dramatic difference in her hair from being in braids back in 1999 when the hit song ‘Say My Name,’ first came out. To the straight lightened shorter hair cut she’s gone back and forth to within the past 13 years.

B likes to change it up on us all of the time. The fans can find pictures of Beyonce with any sort of hairstyle throughout the years! She’s done everything from the updos on the red carpet to letting her hair down at her concerts. Whipping it back and forth for the song ‘Single Ladies’!

Even the color of her hair has been everything between the spectrum of lighter blond to a dark and lovely black color. We’ve seen her hair curly in an afro and stick straight, with bangs and no bangs, hat and no hat.

I love the variety of styles she pulls out for the fans and always seems to look stunning and confident in.

Keep up the variety Beyonce, it makes you a true trend setter and role model for girls to be comfortable in their own skin no matter what kind of hair they wear!

Check out the photo gallery and see the evolution of B’s style throughout the years!