The Duchess Diary: Kate Middleton, Manners And The Middletons [VIDEO]

A Royal Country Home
Will and Kate's new cottage at Sandringham.
Catherine In Canada
The Duchess wore a purple Issa dress one night.
TGIF.  Time for a tipple and a spot of royal news.  Time for another episode of The Duchess Diary!

Prince Charles promoted “You Can Be Heroes” week on ITV’s This Morning, and spoke of his concern over Prince Harry serving in Afghanistan.

The Middletons are getting heat for certain celebratory products on their site, but this American royalist doesn’t see what the issue is.

British etiquette expert (and one of my favorite people) William Hanson is back, and telling you to (please) put down your phone.  Mr. Hanson shared a few reasons why the monarchy is still relevant to the next generation.  Can’t get enough of Hansen and his tips?  Check out his website.

And lastly, we got a sneak peek at the long-awaited “Katepedia,” British Vogue’s complete guide to all things Kate Middleton.

We spoke exclusively to deputy editor Emily Sheffield, who explained how the mag was able to compile so much data.

“It was 3-4 weeks of research,” Sheffield told us via email.  “From 30,000 pictures, 1,000 key looks were chosen and then forensically examined. Teeth were counted and averaged, we bought her favourite curlers and then measured the diameter. Colours were counted, hat angles calculated and favourite necklines and sleeve lengths defined.”

Is there an even greater interest in Kate than there was in Diana, Princess of Wales

“I think that is hard to measure,” Sheffield said.  “There were 24 million US viewers of Catherine’s wedding, 34 million British viewers. Certainly the level of interest is similar but she is a very different person to Princess Diana and the paparazzi frenzy around Diana became obsessional and ultimately fatal.

“The interest in this Royal couple so far feels healthy and supportive bar the dreadful Closer pictures. She is older and more prepared for the spotlight than Diana perhaps was as she was so young when she married Charles. Certainly she is a huge personality in celebrity terms but she is refreshing in that she is not trying to sell her latest movie or album, but has a princess elegance that we all perhaps secretly crave to be part of. She is also not from an aristocratic background so is more of an everywoman and loves to mix the high street with young British designers.

She uses her clothes to highlight her role as an ambassador for Britain and British designers. She also provides a vital image of a more inclusive youthful Royal family. I think her confidence in her style choices will continue to grow and with the baby due and all the styling challenges pregnancy will present, I cannot see the interest in her waning.

The issue is currently on newsstands everywhere.

PS – dress by Lela Rose for Neiman Marcus + Target collection.  Felt like a friggin’ princess.