‘The Duchess Diary:’ A Fancy Royal One Must Meet [VIDEO]

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On a special episode of The Duchess Diary, we take a look at the life of Princess Michael of Kent, who married Queen Elizabeth’s cousin, Prince Michael of Kent in 1978.

Once nicknamed “Princess Pushy” by the wonderfully deadpan and sarcastic Princess Royal, Princess Michael is a grand and extroverted character.  Since she and the hubby are not on the royal payroll, they make their money the way regular folk do.

Prince Michael runs his own consulting business, and he and his wife are often paid for appearances (which makes them more like celebrities, a term the royals loathe). 

Princess Michael’s real name is Marie Christine, so why does she go by her husband’s royal name?  Their site explains:

Traditionally, all wives of male members of the British Royal Family, the aristocracy and members of the public take the style and title of their husbands. Diana, Princess of Wales was not “Princess Diana” as the media called her, because she was not born a British princess. Her correct title was The Princess of Wales and when she divorced she became Diana, Princess of Wales. When the present Duke of Gloucester was still Prince Richard prior to the death of his father, his wife was known as Princess Richard. It just so happens that Prince Michael is the only grandson of a king titled HRH who is a second son and so there are no other princesses with the name of their husbands. The other princesses in the British royal family were all born into the royal house.

Does she or does she not remind you of Dynasty’s Krystal Carrington?

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