‘The Duchess Diary’ Get Up Close On Tour With Will And Kate [PHOTOS]

The Royal Kids
Prince Philip's grandchildren pay him a visit.
Whoa, nelly.  There was a boat load of information to cover this week on The Duchess Diary, what with William and Catherine being in Southeast Asia and Prince Harry on the front lines in Afghanistan!   Plus, everyone’s yappin’ about Catherine being possibly A) With child B) Proactively trying on her “second honeymoon” with William.

We get down to brass tacks and discuss the hard issues, like fashion!  McQueen, Packham and a few new faces were showcased in Singapore on days one and two of the Diamond Jubilee tour.  And wouldn’t you know, the Duchess introduced us to a new brand, Raoul.

I was curious about the publicity surrounding Harry’s deployment, so I asked friend and ABC royal contributor Victoria Arbiter why St. James’s Palace and the Ministry of Defence why they chose to state when and where Harry would be based in Afghanistan.  Arbiter had this to say: 

While it seems risky to have made an official announcement regarding Harry’s deployment  the MoD is still very much in control of how much information is being given. Last time around proved that it’s impossible to keep his posting a secret. It only takes one outlet to broadcast the news and the gig is up. Harry will have been adamant that he not return early again.  He was pulled out over fears for his safety in 2008 and it was the right thing to do but this time he will have wanted to make sure that he would be able to serve for the entire length of his deployment.  His role is also significantly less risky with regards to his accessibility compared to last time.

Obviously as a helicopter pilot there are other risks involved, but he’s not on the ground and as easy a target as he was before. To date, and knock on wood, the British army hasn’t lost one Apache helicopter.  Yes, the Taliban know his role but they couldn’t possibly know which helicopter he might be flying. They also don’t know the specifics of where he is. It’s quite possible that he’s been moved to another base. We don’t know and it’s unlikely that we will be told. There is not a news blackout but details will be few and far between. While I appreciate it is alarming to think of Harry in Afghanistan there is also no point in spending the thousands of pounds it costs to train him to then not use him. He is only the 2nd modern royal to see active combat following in the footsteps of his uncle Prince Andrew, but he is highly respected among his peers and considered to be an excellent pilot. The army looks after their own and you can be sure they’re taking extra special care of Harry.

Plus, we shared some great Twitpics from royal well-wishers in Singapore.