‘The Duchess Diary:’ Ep. 5 Brings An Etiquette Expert And Royally Sweet Treats [VIDEO]

Every week seems to get better and better for us on The Duchess Diary.  Why, you ask?  Guests and goodies, my fine friends!

We welcomed etiquette expert William Hanson, who gave a brilliant lesson on behaving properly and minding one’s Ps and Qs.  And, of course, Hanson had ready a list of dos and don’ts for when one has an audience with Her Majesty, the Queen.

You really must download his apps, which include a quiz on royalty (I took it.  I nailed it.  It’s not very polite of me to brag, by the way) and guidance on etiquette.

Hanson has appeared on countless television and radio programs, and travels the world teaching etiquette to diplomats and four-year-olds alike.  I met him for the first time yesterday and I adore him, as will you. 

I was gifted with desserts so wonderful, they had their own place on our production call sheet.  The Grenada Hills, CA-based baker,  A Sweet Design custom made cupcakes exclusively for The Duchess Diary.

I know.

They asked which flavors would suit Catherine, and I answered as best I could: Pink Velvet, Chocolate Buttercream, Fudge and Chocolate Hazelnut Cream.  Atop each cupcake sat a fascinator designed after Catherine’s headwear.

Thank you to the team for creating such gorgeous (and lifelike) creations for us to feature on the show (ps-they were delicious).

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