The Dictator Dumps Elisabetta Canalis Overboard At Cannes [PHOTOS]

Sullying the good name of Cannes, Sacha Baron Cohen got into character as General Aladeen from The Dictator.  Joined by a scantily-clad Elisabetta Canalis anchored by teh Hotel du Cap Eden Rock today (May 16th), Aladeen performed a publicity stunt to top the ashes-all-over-Ryan-Seacrest gag at the 2012 Oscars.

Aladeen and Canalis played nice aboard their heavily-guarded boat, when things went sour.  Canalis took a look at Aladeen’s family jewels, laughed and then…he killed her.  Wrapped her in a trashbag and threw that Italian beauty overboard.  Just goes to show, never laugh at a man’s package when guns and present and loaded.

Poor Canalis.  Her obituary will read: “Dumped by Steve-O.”