Anticipation For Grammy Awards Fashion Wackiness [PHOTOS]

February 9th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

With the 55th Annual Grammy Awards just around the corner (as in this coming Sunday, Feb. 10th) I bet we are all looking forward to see Joan Rivers grill the worst dressed of the night.

Although many celebrities spend thousands of dollars on stunning outfits for this night, it is the crazy costume-like outfits that stand out.

As word travels quickly, most are aware of the leaked memos from CBSwarning the attendees of a stricter dress code they must adhere to. This automatically created chaos throughout media outlets.

There really is no need to panic. Surely, most will not abide by the rules because come on, show some leg and ta-da more viewers and trending.

So for now reminisce about the tacky yet fascinating Grammy getups of the past.

What has been your favorite gaudy garb?


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