The Chris Brown Legal Saga Continues With His Latest Court Visit [PHOTOS]

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The start of a new month means a new court date for Chris Brown. These days, it seems like the kid is in the courtroom more than on the stage. The singer, whos last hearing with Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg was on September 24th, returned to the courthouse today for his latest scheduled meeting to further discuss the terms of his probation, yet again.

On the brink of a worldwide headlining tour, Chris Brown really needs to make sure that all his loose ends are tied up, in regards to his lingering legal troubles.

During the court hearing, the judge wanted a progress report on Brown’s continued community service sentence, as part of his probation for his felony count from 2009 on a count of the assault on his girlfriend, Rihanna

Although Judge Schnegg did not address questions from the previous meeting regarding whether or not the singer had completed his community service sentence, it looks like the singer will be allowed to go over seas for his upcoming tour. This is not the first time that the results of his court hearings have been inconclusive.

Brown will return to court on January 17, 2013, for further progress reporting. We’ll keep you posted about that as more details arrive.

In the meantime, go ahead and see Brown’s latest “I’m innocent this time, I swear!” face.