‘The Catalina’ Cast Bikini Photo Shoot In Miami [PHOTOS]

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The cast of the reality TV show The Catalina based in South Beach, Florida attended a photo shoot for the season finale on Saturday (June 30). The hotel staff showed off their bikini ready bodies and clad board shorts for the shoot. The six-episode program is drawing to its season 1 finale which tonight on the CW at 8 p.m.

The series focus on the young hotel staff of the Catalina Hotel and Beach Club and a window into the young party life in South Beach in Miami. Nathan Lieberman, the owner of the resort, and major contributor to pioneering the show through a production company that he also runs. “Listen, I’m just trying to sell hotel rooms,” said Lieberman in an interview with the Miami Herald.

The show draws viewers to the interactions between the hotel guests and the handful of employees. Packed in so few episodes are the events that take place on the hotel such as the Bikini Fashion Show and The staff participating and preparing for the Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival. In a way, the reality series reflects the ‘culture’ of young adults in South Beach. With the brawls, booze and debacles in between. The hotel employees spend days and nights together living it up in the Miami social scene. All of the party-fever, booze and beach atmosphere that is Miami how can there not be juicy entertainment? 

“The things that we staged were us all going out and partying together,” Liberman commented. “Anything that happened at the hotel, that’s what we do. That’s just our daily grind.” As for the hotel guests, there was some complications as some were not fond of being in front of the camera while others sought their few minutes of fame on the Miami-based reality series.

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