The Cast Of ‘Teen Wolf’ Dishes About What’s To Come

February 10th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

The fan girls on Tumblr are going crazy, and they’re not going to stop as long as Teen Wolf is still on the air.

The cast of Teen Wolf made an appearance on The Today Show, looking very out of character and happy to be on a different show. Cast members Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, and Tyler Posey were on the set, and they certainly weren’t shy about it. 

Holland Roden stopped to pose with fans outside the studio, which I love to see. It’s nice when celebrities embrace the fans that got them here in the first place. All three Teen Wolf stars turned around in their seats while on the set, laughing and waving at people. They were definitely in much better spirits than they are on their show, which isn’t as cheery as their Today Show visit was.

Tyler Posey talked a little about the show while simultaneously trying not to give too much away. When the newest episode, “Riddled” came up, Tyler got excited. ”Oh! Yes! That was one of my favorite [episodes] to shoot. It’s very creepy. It’s very eery and creepy and you may or may not meet a new character.” I’m sure the hardcore fans will let us know if the episode lived up to Tyler Posey’s expectations or not.

Just to throw fans for a loop, Tyler Hoechlin said he’d love to see a Game of Thrones and Teen Wolf crossover. Yikes. Wouldn’t that be something! Tyler Posey said he’d rather see his show crossed with Seinfeld. Hm. A little less exciting. Keep up with the other Tyler, Posey.

By Caitlin Anders

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