The Cast Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Gears Up For The Start Of Season Four

Winter is coming, and for once, I couldn’t be more excited about it.

The hit show Game Of Thrones debuts their fourth season in merely a few weeks, on Sunday, April 6th. Finally. Everyone is gearing up to welcome it back to the air, including the cast. A handful of cast members attended the London premiere recently, looking in much better spirits than they ever do on the show.

I am obsessed with Game Of Thrones. I’m not normally a blood, guts, and torture kind of girl, but for some reason this show gets me. I end up closing my eyes half the time, but it’s fine, I’ll open them when Kit Harington comes on screen.

Since the trailers have been released, everyone has had their own speculations about what’s going to happen, and the cast members have had little to say regarding it all.

On his character being locked up for a majority of the upcoming season, Peter Dinklage commented, “Yeah. Oh yeah. I’m very well acquainted with the prop guys who have to handcuff me every 10 minutes. On the road in the first season, I was dirty and tied up a lot, out in the mud. It’s fun. I’ve been too clean for two seasons. I gotta get back out in the dirt.”

Sophie Turner’s only insight into her characters role in the season was, “She’s going to start to manipulate some people.” That’s definitely intriguing in itself. I’m so excited.

Speaking of manipulation, a math teacher was having so much trouble keeping his class quiet that he threatened to write all of the characters who die on the board, as he had read the books and his class had not. They didn’t listen, and so he stayed true to his word. The class has been silence ever since.

See? Game Of Thrones is important stuff.