The Cast Of ‘Frozen’ Got Together Last Night For A Special, Musical Performance & I Wasn’t Invited

Now, I assume that you guys are all as obsessed with Frozen as the rest of the world is, right?

The animated Disney feature has already received classic status, in addition to the more than $350 million it’s made. And I’m just talking domestic box-office. With a few Oscar nominations under its belt as well, it’s no wonder that Disney wanted to show off some of its talent.

Those lucky enough to be in the audience last night were treated to quite a performance when the film’s stars Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad and Santino Fontana took the stage to perform. 

Obviously, it was amazing. You can watch a special video of the performance below that Disney has allowed us to see. (Thanks Disney!) No clue when we’ll get to see a full thing. Mostly, I just need to watch Idina sing “Let It Go” live. Well, luckily she’s going to sing it at the Oscars.

Also, I am very jealous of celebs like Darren Criss, Jane Lynch and Sarah Hyland who got to see it live. Well, we’ll always have the video and photos. Check it all out! And tell us how much you love Frozen in the comments below!