Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and John Stamos Continue Their Bromance on Reddit [Flashback]

25 Years of 'Full House'
The cast reunited to celebrate 25 years of 'Full House'
One more day until we get to fully experience the yogurty bromance of Dave Coulier, Bob Saget, and John Stamos, during tomorrow’s Super Bowl!

In this week’s buildup to the Super Bowl premiere we saw the guys get photobombed by Rihanna while visiting Good Morning America, and saw them step back in time on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon when they channeled their Full House characters to help calm a scared Jimmy.

However, the friends also sat down and answered fan questions in a hilarious (and at times dirty) Reddit AMA. Discussing everything from John’s secret to not aging (Answer: yogurt), how much they are like their ‘Full House’ characters (the similarities are a bit creepy) and Coulier’s love of throwing underpants, read more about the AMA after the jump. 

When questioned if they are anything like their characters from Full House, John Stamos and Bob Saget’s answers suggest life may have imitated art for them. Comparing himself to Danny Tanner, Saget noted “I am single. And I have 3 daughters.” Saget was married and a new father to twin daughters when the show first aired in 1989. His third daughter was born in 1992, and he and his ex-wife divorced in 1997.

Similarly, Stamos notes that, like Jesse, “I like Elvis, I like playing music, I was married to a girl named Rebecca.” Stamos was previously married to his “girl named Rebecca,” Rebecca Romijn, from 1998-2005. Lastly, Coulier is a big hockey fan and player, like Joey, and he is “an instrument-rated airplane pilot” which means he could totally fly John Stamos to his next wedding.

Talking about favorite memories from the show, Coulier confessed

“I used to throw my underpants up in the air, on the roof of my dressing room, for Bob.”

Stamos explained that “Years later, when Full House wrapped up, FRIENDS moved into the same stage, and I did a guest spot on FRIENDS, and Dave’s underpants were still up there in the rafters.”

As far as Saget’s dirty comedy (which was his style prior to his role as Danny Tanner) and whether it got him in trouble on set with the kids, the guys revealed that Dave and Bob’s tendency to be inappropriate did get them in trouble, “we had a whole meeting to stop being so dirty on the set, and from that day on… actually nothing changed.”

One user asked if it was true that the guys would act like their characters in public to mess with people, and Saget and Stamos confirmed it was true. On one occasion, Saget and Stamos pretended to be their characters to mess with a guy in the men’s restroom at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

“…we started talking in character as Jesse and Danny and I turned to John and said in character, “How’s it going Jess” and he said “It’s going bad, Nicky and Alex won’t sleep” and the guy next to us, we think he peed all over himself. It was beautiful”

The biggest take away from the AMA is that the guys are great friends in real life and are hilarious together. Although they are currently using their bromance to promote a product, it is clear that the work feels more like fun to the guys.

For even more from the guy’s AMA, head over to Reddit. And, don’t forget to launch the gallery for more pictures of the unfolding bromance.