The British Press Make Fun Of Madonna’s Saggy Butt [PHOTOS]

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Madonna had a busy day on Saturday (March 24). The singer started her day in New York City doing a live streamed interview on Facebook with Jimmy Fallon.

Over the course of the interview, Madonna professed an interest in quantum physics, said she’d like to cover the Serge Gainsbourg song “Je T’Aime Moi Non Plus” and described how Quentin Tarantino’s films inspired her new song “Gang Bang.”

“I have a whole thing worked out in a motel room,” she said, imploring Tarantino to direct the video. “All he has to do is show up with a camera. And I can’t afford a director’s fee.”

Madonna also made an appearance at Day Two of Ultra Music Festival 14 to introduced producer/DJ Avicii. The singer chose the risqué outfit which bared some tush for her fresh-faced appearance. Her outfit is what lead to the British pressing mocking. 

The Daily Mail’s headline read: “Perhaps it’s time to surrender the risqué costumes: Madonna’s satin shorts squelch her derrière into an unflattering sag”

Addressing the audience, she said, “Hello, everybody, I’ve finally made it to Ultra Music Festival! I’ve been here in spirit for many years, but it’s good to be here, finally.

“In my world, music and dance are not separate. Electronic music has been a part of my career since I started, and I can honestly say, ‘A Dj saved my life.'”