The Boys Of One Direction Talk Touring And ‘Take Me Home’ With ‘Vogue UK’ [PHOTOS]

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The perfectly poppy sounds, and the designer-clad, handsome arms of the boys of One Direction have reached to just about every corner of the earth at this point. 2 years after their initial coming-together by the hands of Simon Cowell, via The X-Factor, the band of 5, consisting of Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan have just about conquered all obstacles on their way to super stardom, leaving them at the peak of their careers, with all doors open for the young Brits.

Sounds like overwhelming circumstances, considering the youngest member, Harry, is only 18. And it is! But youth has it’s advantages when in a successful boy band. The physical and mental tedium that sometimes occurs would make older artists jaded or belligerent. But the 1D boys take all of it in stride. Vogue UK caught up with the band in some of their precious down time, and got insight on what it’s like to be the objects of  a  higher caliber of fandom that is comparable to The Beatles and The Jonas Brothers before them.

With millions of fans all over the world, it’s become virtually impossible for the guys to go anywhere unnoticed. But what seems like a burden, only creates a small frame of worry for the boys. Instead of dwelling on their new lack of privacy, they simply find ways to work around it. “At the start, the management said I wasn’t allowed to change my hair,” says Payne, who was known for his in-his-face bangs.  ”But then I did it anyway, so they kind of let that one go. I tend to change my hair quite a lot,” Payne continued. The singer changes his appearance as a sort of defense mechanism, explaining “I can go out and about…the other day I went out in Adidas trainers, jogging bottoms – and no one recognized me.”

Disguising yourself in public serves it’s purpose when the boys are taking a break in their native London. However, with their second album “Take Me Home” just releasing, and at the edge of a whopping 7 month long international headlining tour, the boys won’t even have time to try to elude fans. This also happens to be the greatest gift the guys could ask for. The sustaining of their fans means they get to do what they most want to– perform. Anything else included in that is just icing on the cake. “I love it. I love the screaming. They love it, too: they’ve all got their tickets and they’ve been waiting a year or so to see you, so you’ve got to give it your best,” says Horan of the pandemonium that ensues whenever the 5 boys take the stage.

Well, whatever the boys are doing, it’s working. With “Take Me Home” shooting to number 1 in over 20 countries, the future of One Direction never looked brighter. So it’s a good thing that they don’t mind the sounds of female screams, because it’s only going to get louder from here. If that’s even possible.

Check out the rest of One Direction’s Vogue UK photo shoot in the gallery.

By Marcelle Luna

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