The Bieber Breakup In Making Selena Gomez Sick! [PHOTOS]

Justin and Selena
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez get frisky.
All of the stress of being on and off with Justin Bieber is making Selena Gomez sick. Like, literally, she’s been ill lately.

After reports of Gomez and her boyfriend (emphasis on boy) Justin Bieber breaking up last week hit the media, Gomez has been the number one target for all of the most merciless paparazzi. And it hasn’t helped that the actress has been out and about constantly since the news broke, only fueling the fire frenzy that is the news of Young Hollywood’s golden couple splitting.

Luckily for Gomez, none of her recent public appearances, such as being honored at the 2012 GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards in NYC last Monday, have had interviews that were too invasive towards her relationship status. Unluckily for us, this means that we are still unclear as to what is really going on between the 2 young stars.

Despite the bombardment of reports that the couple had split, complete with rumors of infidelity and heartbreak, the latest news is that the singers have still been spotted in each other’s company since the alleged separation.  In fact, just this past weekend, Gomez reportedly left an American Music Awards after party with Bieber, but it’s all still up in the air. An invasive interview, where one of them is forced to say something about their relationship would be nice, right about now, because I, for one, am completely lost and in need of some direction.

In between Gomez’ busy schedule of appearances all over the country, filming, not commenting on her personal life,  and recording for her latest album, the actress seems to have fallen ill. It has been currently reported that Gomez has some type of throat sickness that has slowed her down to the point of cutting a day in the studio short because of said sickness.

These rumors seem to have been confirmed when the actress was spotted leaving a medical building in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, CA yesterday, November 19th. Apparently, Gomez had some tests done, in order to get her back to %100 as quickly as possible. Don’t want her to get Bieber sick, either, right? Or is it still too soon. Oooo, touchy subject

Check out the gallery to see Selena Gomez looking sick, yet still pretty, while out curing herself.